Social Skills Group - Intake Form

For help in filling out this form, please contact or call 617-505-6183.

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Person completing form
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Student's Name
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Date of birth
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Please tell us about a recent peer interaction (e.g., describe how he/she behaved at the last birthday party you brought him/her to).
Social Skills Groups are scheduled to run for 10-11 weeks. Please note that families who have existing weekday services may be able to transition those session times to a social skills group.
Please list the times your child would be available on each day of the week, including weekends (example: Monday 3-7p, Tuesday not available, Wednesday 4-6p, etc.). Social Skills will now be offered on Saturdays, dependent on enrollment.
Please select how the services will be funded.
Please let us know about any scheduling questions or concerns you may have related to the available session times.