Our Mission.

ABA Consultation and Services (ABACS) is committed to delivering the highest standard of treatment for people diagnosed with autism and other developmental and behavioral disorders. We provide individualized services based on the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) in order to assist each individual in reaching his or her greatest potential and improving their quality of life. The relationships that our employees build with our clients and their families are an integral component in meeting this objective.  Our service delivery model includes parent training, and programming for the generalization of sustainable, pro-social behavior change across people, places, and time.


Quality services. Limitless progress.

"One of my favorite aspects of my job is hearing how much our clients change. We celebrate every new accomplishment -- every new word, every smile, and every skill."

— Ashley Williams, Executive Vice President

Applied Behavior Analysis Consultation and Services (ABACS, LLC) started in 2006. We currently provide services to over 250 clients throughout Massachusetts.


At ABACS, LLC, we believe that each client is entitled to the most effective and efficient services available by caring and qualified staff. It is our belief that a maximally effective and productive relationship involves not only the appropriately qualified providers, but also, an appropriate match between agency staff, including both clinical providers and administration, as well as you, our valued client. Accordingly, we will make every effort to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with the staff coming into your school and/or home, as well as our administrative team.

Additionally, we at ABACS, LLC realize that our services should be looked at as a long term investment in which our clients, including students receiving services, family members and educators of those students, as well as administration, benefit from our services in our presence, but also in our absence (and when services discontinue). This objective is best met by programming for generalization as part of our service delivery model.  In order to meet this objective, ABACS, LLC incorporates and trains all appropriate individuals to establish a cohesive team and help achieve maximum and long-term success for each client.  A comprehensive and effective program, which can be feasibly implemented by you and members of your team, will be developed.