Are you interested in starting a Master's degree in applied behavior analysis while working in the field?  If so, keep reading!  ABACS has a partnership with Regis College in Applied Behavior Analysis.


Regis College

  • The MS degree program is comprised of 24 credit hours of core coursework, 6 credit hours of elective coursework, 6 credit hours of thesis, and 9 credit hours of supervised practicum for a total of 45 credit hours.

  • Prospective students must apply to, and be accepted to, Regis College's Master's program in Applied Behavior Analysis.
  • Regis' program is rigorous, and prepares students to be practitioners, but also to be eligible to apply to PhD programs in the field. 

We also work with students from other graduate programs. For more information about our partnerships with graduate degree programs, or if you are interested in learning more about our BACB supervision, please email