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Executive Staff

Owner & President

Brandon Herscovitch, Ph.D, LABA, BCBA-D

Executive Vice President

Ashley Williams, M.S., LABA, BCBA

Clinical Staff

Vice President of Clinical Services

Meghan (Clausen) Van Nostrand, M.S., LABA, BCBA

Assistant Vice President of Clinical Services

Madelyn Palmatier, M.S., LABA, BCBA

Behavior Analysts

Bianca Britto, M.S., LABA, BCBA, Clinic Manager
Amanda Bullard, M.S., LABA, BCBA
Jessica Byrne, M.S., Senior Level Therapist
Aimee Coombs, M.S., LABA, BCBA
Sarah Kusmer, M.Ed., LABA, BCBA
Kelsey Musto, M.S., LABA, BCBA
Aerin Parish-Toscano, M.S., LABA, BCBA
Danielle (Blanchet) Richard, LABA, Senior Level Therapist
Kayla Santangelo, M.S.,LABA, BCBA
Deirdre Smith, M.Ed., LABA, BCBA
Danielle Wiegand, M.S., LABA, BCBA
Jessica Wooton, M.S., LABA,BCBA, Clinic Manager


Laura Cray, Senior Behavior Therapist
Cara Jordan, Senior Behavior Therapist
Aimme Morrison, Senior Behavior Therapist
Rachel Schwarz, Senior Behavior Therapist
Sheridan Smith, Senior Behavior Therapist


Vice President of Operations

Cassy (Kemmer) Wilson, Vice President of Operations

Accounts Receivable and Administrative Assistant

Gregory Balan, Administrative Assistant
Erica Garland, Accounts Receivable Clerk
Jackie Moulton, Accounts Receivable Clerk

Human Resources
Cassy (Kemmer) Wilson, Vice President of Operations

Service Coordinators

Jackie Caldwell, M.Lit.
Vanessa Painter

Hiring and Training

Christine Aherne, M.S., LABA, BCBA, Staff Trainer
Nicole Jordan, M.S., LABA, BCBA, Staff Trainer
Katie Sherwood, Hiring and Recruiting Manager

Client Intakes

Sarah Lento, Intakes & Contracting Coordinator

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