Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. When will my services begin?

A.  Service delivery starts within 10 business days of your assessment authorization approval.  You will be invited to our office to meet with a member of our clinical staff.  Your in-home assessment by a licensed BCBA will follow. 

Q.  How long will the assessment period be?

A.  The assessment period is generally within the first month of services.  This is performed by a BCBA.  It consists of usually 3, 2 hour visits. Following the assessment our BCBA compiles their recommendations (4 hours) and submits them to your insurance provider.  This process can take, from first visit to approval from your insurance, up to 7 weeks. 

Q.  Will I be able to see a fully staffed schedule immediately?

A.  We aim to have our staff scheduled to be in your home as soon as they are available.  This is dependent upon our staff’s availability and their location.  Our families are matched based on other variables as well which can cause a delay in start, for example additional training required to meet the safety requirements for both client and staff.  Our scheduling team can be reached at  They will coordinate with you and our available staff to set up a schedule that works for all involved.

Q.  How many hours will we receive?

A.  This is dependent upon the initial assessment and the recommendation made by our BCBA.  Our service delivery model is a minimum of 2 sessions per week, each being 2 hours in length for our Behavior Therapists.  Some exceptions can be made at the discretion of the BCBA and the family so long as it is deemed clinically appropriate.  You can also expect to see our BCBA visiting your home for supervision of the Behavioral Therapists. 

Q.What is the difference between a BCBA and a BT (Behavior Therapist)?

A.  Our BCBAs are Master’s Level, Board Certified, and Licensed Behavior Analysts.  They oversee the delivery and the progress of your son or daughter.  They are responsible for creating the programs that will be implemented by our BTs as well as maintaining up to date records that are shared with your insurance provider for the continuation of services.  Our BTs are typically bachelor’s level individuals who are primarily responsible for implementing the programs our BCBAs create for your son or daughter.  Each client receives services that are customized for their maximized potential.

Q. What if my insurance changes?

A.  If you are made aware of a change or loss of coverage we request that you let our billing department know as soon as possible so as to minimize any disruptions to the delivery of services.  The billing department will request that you submit a copy of your new Member ID card and they will work with you if possible to set up an authorization with your insurance provider. 

Q. What if I have a problem with my Behavior Therapist?

A. If you have concerns about your Behavior Therapist please do not hesitate to let us know.  You can reach out to your BCBA and they will mediate. 

Q. What if my availability changes or I have to cancel a session?

A. If your availability changes you can email our scheduling team at and they will assist you with any changes. 

Q.  Who can I call in an emergency?

A.  If there is an emergency you can call our office at 617-505-6183 during business hours or you can utilize our on-call service at: 774-200-6421

Q.  What if I am only interested in weekend sessions?

A. We do ask that if you are primarily interested in weekend sessions that you also offer availability within the week as well so that our BCBAs can overlap with your BTs.  We do this to ensure the highest level of quality across all of the therapist that will be working in your home.

Q.  Is it normal to have multiple BTs?

A.  Yes.  We typically assign a minimum of 2 BTs to your child.  There are many benefits to this, including generalization across multiple individuals of the programs your child will be mastering.