Student Internships 

ABACS, LLC is currently offering a part-time internship or Co-op position for students.

This part-time, hourly position is designed for students who are seeking additional experience in the field, and who have an interest working both with clients in home- and clinic-based settings as well as in participating in research, projects, and other office-based tasks. Interns are provided with 30 hours/week; these hours consist of time in the office working on projects, as well as direct, one-to-one implementation of behavior analytic services in the afternoons and evenings during the week and one weekend day. Interns begin their day between 9am and 12pm and end between 5:30pm and 8pm, with shorter days on weekend days (either Saturday or Sunday. There may be some flexibility with specific hours, but the schedule will be set and regular based on the day (e.g. every Monday will be the same schedule, but might be slightly different from the Tuesday schedule, etc.). The schedule will be either Tuesday through Saturday or Sunday through Thursday. The position is compensated on an hourly basis, and it includes travel time between the office and clients’ homes. To apply, please send a resume as an attachment, a cover letter detailing your interest and qualifications, and a copy of your transcript (unofficial is fine).