To apply for a position with ABACS, please email your resume as an attachment to or apply online. You are encouraged to also send a cover letter detailing your interest and qualifications 


Behavior Therapists

We are currently recruiting both full-time and part-time Behavior Therapists to provide 1:1 in home services.  This is a great opportunity for individuals interested in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and for those looking to help others! Applicants must be dedicated, reliable and enthusiastic. Applicants should have completed a bachelor's degree in ABA, psychology or a related field. Applicants must have access to a vehicle for travel.

For part-time staff, sessions are typically held between 2:30pm and 8pm, Monday through Friday, as well as throughout the day on weekends. Additionally, there are some daytime sessions during the week. Applicants must be available to work a minimum of 8 hours per week and willing to make a minimum of a six-month commitment on each case. The part-time position requires a minimum of a six month commitment.

Our 10-month full-time BT position is currently available. When available, full-time BTs are scheduled to work 40 hours/week, and the position will involve home-, clinic-, and school-based sessions with clients, as well as office-based work. The work week for full-time BTs will include primarily working directly with clients, as well as some drive time and administrative work in our office; the distribution of these hours may vary somewhat on an individual basis. Direct service hours may take place during the day as well as in the afternoon and/or evening, depending on client and staff availability. The full-time position requires a 10-month commitment and takes place during the school year. 

Our 1:1 Behavior Therapists will be supervised by a BCBA, and may work as part of a team of therapists to provide optimal care for our clients.  Pay rate varies with level of experience and education. Applicants for the part-time position who hold a bachelor's degree will qualify for a rate of $20-30/hour depending on level of experience working under a BCBA. Those without a bachelor's degree will require additional training, and will be paid $15/hour. Applicants nearing the end of an undergraduate program with experience in ABA are encouraged to apply for a rate of $16-19/hour. Our full-time position pays $35,000/year and includes benefits.


To apply for a position with ABACS, please email your resume as an attachment and a cover letter detailing your interest and qualifications to or apply online.