5 reasons to love being a Behavior Therapist at ABACS

5 reasons to love being a behavior therapist

1. It’s fun! Our BT staff, whether working in homes, schools, or in our clinic, consistently report having fun at work. If you love working with kids and have a passion for helping people, a job as a BT might be a great direction for you to go in. Oftentimes sessions involve being silly and playing, all while helping clients meet their individualized objectives.

2. Being a BT builds skills. Our BTs receive intensive initial training before they start working with clients, and there are monthly opportunities for specialized trainings in areas such as Natural Environment Teaching (NET), DTT, data collection, chaining and task analyses, and ethics. Our BTs also have regular on-site supervision from their BCBAs and clinic meetings, which gives even more opportunity to expand on their skills as a therapist. Whether this is your first time providing ABA therapy or you’re nearly done with your graduate program, you’ll definitely learn something while working at ABACS.

3. The hours are flexible. Our BTs are able to let our scheduling team know what hours work for them, and they’ll only schedule you for clients within the availability that you provide. You can work part-time or full-time. If you’re committed to watching football every Sunday or tied up with classes every Tuesday, it’s no problem! 

4. You’ll feel appreciated. One of the areas we have focused on as an agency is creating opportunities for our staff to bond as a team. Each year we have many opportunities for our staff to get together, whether it’s apple-picking in the fall, the gift you’ll receive at our annual Banquet each winter, joining the ABACS team at the Walk for Autism Speaks, or receiving your detailed written performance evaluation each year, there are many ways that we show our BTs how important they are to our success as an agency. 

5. You’re responsible for behavior change! One of best things about working directly with clients as a BT is how personally responsible you will feel for every single gain the clients make. While the BCBAs are the ones behind the programming, it is the diligent efforts of our BT staff who implement programming during every session that truly results in behavior change. The sense of pride that our staff feel when their clients complete toilet training, engage in their first vocal mand, or when they get an email from a parent who is over the moon about progress, the personal accountability that is felt in those moments is irreplaceable. 

Interested in becoming a Behavior Therapist at ABACS? Fill out an application. Are you a current BT with ABACS? We’re interested in hearing about your experience for an upcoming blog, so send us a message! 


Meghan Clausen, BCBA, is a Clinical Director at ABACS.

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