april break Vacation Services - Intake Form

Our clinic will be open for services during the 2017 April break. Students can sign up for any or all days, and one or both sessions offered each day (9am-12pm,12pm-3pm).  If you are looking for different hours, please let us know what will work for you, and we can work with you to accommodate your needs.  Our wonderful behavior therapists are available to carry over programming to our clinic setting to ensure your child will have no break from services, or to provide additional sessions to break up those long days at home while school is out.

**Please note, filling out this form does not guarantee enrollment. Our Clinic Manager or Intake Coordinator will be in touch to confirm your spot in the program.**

For help in filling out this form, or for more information about our vacation services, please contact info@abacs.org or call 617-505-6183.

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